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The Happiness project

The ON TRACK map has got your back!

This project is a collaboration between Michala Storm, mindset coach and creator of the ON TRACK map (Denmark) and Sumire Sato, clinical psychologist, (Japan).


It’s mission is to bring more happiness and hope – including self-acceptance and self-esteem – to the Japanese Youth by providing them the ON TRACK map teachings.


Michala Storm and Sumire Sato meet in Denmark during the summer of 2022, as Sumire Sato visited Michala’s home as an AirBnB guest.

Soon the two women found that they had much in common and naturally began to have interesting conversation about mental health, happiness and hope.

For 18 mornings they would meet over breakfast at Michala’s porch, sip their coffees and dive deep into to serious topics such as self-worth, boundaries, cultural differences and so much more. This channel is the result of those morning talks between Michala and Sumire.

The Happiness & Hope Journal

This journal and coloring book is specifically customized for the Japanese Youth with the purpose of giving them easy acces to a simple framework that will help them build more self-esteem and increase their happiness.

It has been translated to Japanese by Sumire Sato in co-creation with Michala Storm (Illustrations) so that it can easily be applied by any Japanese student.

Click here to purchase the Happiness & Hope Journal.

Follow the HAPPINESS & Hope You Tube Channel

Michala Storm and Sumire Sato are in continued conversations about ways to bring more happiness to the the Japanese youth on their “Happiness & Hope for the Japanese Youth” YouTube channel.

Topics will include how to build healthy self-esteem for happiness, daily practices for self-care and well-being as well as simple, daily, doable goal setting tips.

Click here to follow the channel and watch the interviews.

So far the the Happiness & Hope for Japanese Youth is a volunteer project.

If it resonates with you, Sumire Sato and Michala Storm would truly appreciate any amount of donation that you would like to contribute so that they can continue on their mission. 

Your donation will go towards developing the teaching materials further (= provide more time to translate and illustrate) + the production of the Happiness & Hope YouTube channel as a free ressource for the Japanese Youth.

Thank you so much to Impact Magazine for their April 2023 article (above) about the Happiness & Hope for the Japanese Youth Project.