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Reach Your Goals With the ON TRACK Map!

Holistic Goal Setting Philosophy!

The ON TRACK Map Goal Setting Philosophy

  1. Goal setting is a progressive, yet cyclical process; it’s not a straight line.
  2. A firm, yet flexible structure will help you successfully reach your goals.
  3. Daily habits and holistic well-being is foundational to your success.

Goal Setting is a journey + a destination

Did you ever notice how there is so much more to success that getting from A – B ?

Most of use are taught that goal setting is a linear process and that progress will happen within a straight forward line.

But like you might have experienced for yourself, despite of all good intentions, sometimes “life gets in the way” of our plans.

When “shit happens”, and it does to most of us, it is very helpful for you to have a firm, yet flexbile structure that addresses your emotional, as well as physical well-being, so that you can get back ON TRACK.

We need to attend to our fundamental human needs, as foundation to success.

Whether you are at the beginning of your goal setting journey, or you have been going for a while, the ON TRACK Map will help you get ON TRACK with your commitment, so that you get to reach your goals in a fun and energizing way.

The 5 ON TRACK Success Principles

The ON TRACK Map takes a holistic view, based on the following five success principles:

  1. Self-care 
  2. Intuition
  3. Mind Mastery
  4. Visibility
  5. Action

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