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Reach Your Goals With the ON TRACK Map!

As a creative entrepreneur of many years, I was in the need of a goal setting method that would honor the cyclical nature of life.

A goal setting tool that would not only help me reach my goals faster but also stay energized and enjoy the journey that it is to reach your goals. 

Don’t know about you but a creative entrepreneur – I’ve created my own aromatherapy brands, written 4 books and every thing in between – I often have a ton of ideas running through my head.

Sometimes, it can feel quite overwhelming and confusing. Maybe you can relate?

At first, I tried to do what most of us are told. I wrote down my goals on a piece of paper and “yes” simply writing down your goals, definitely has a power in and of it self.

But from my perspective, being clear about your goals is not enough. Most traditional, linear goal setting methods are missing a very important mark and that is to address the emotional and energetic journey that it is to get from A to B.

In most cases getting from A to B simply isn’t a linear line.

Examples of questions that has to be addressed on your goal setting journey

  1. How do you prevent overwhelm and burnout?
  2. How do you trust your gut, when everyone has a second opinion?
  3. How do you learn to master your inner critics?
  4. How do you show up in the world, if you feel shy, or afraid of failure?
  5. How do you take action when procrastination, or second doubt kicks in?

In answer to these questions, , I first started to map out the ON TRACK Map around 2010.

With time the ON TRACK Map became the answer to my own quest for a goal setting tool that would not only help me reach my goals faster and with less stress but also feel energized by it.

The logic behind the ON TRACK map and its 5 success principle

As I mapped out the ON TRACK Map, I realized that a well-defined, daily set of “Self-care” practices would have to be foundational for any goal setting tool to be successful.

(You may want to think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and having those needs met.)

I also clearly saw that to successfully reach your goals, there has to be an inner, as well as an outer foundational piece in place.

To address this, the 5 ON TRACK success principle were born.

Each of the 5 ON TRACK success principles represent either the inner, or the outer part to successful goal setting but – just like your right and left hand – they also play very well together.

The 5 ON TRACK success principles are the corner stone of the ON TRACK Map.

  1. Self-care
  2. Intuition
  3. Mind Mastery
  4. Visibility
  5. Action

(ON TRACK success principles 1 – 3 mainly represent the inner foundational piece.
ON TRACK success principle 4 – 5 mainly represent the outer piece.)


Although there is a logical order to the 5 ON TRACK success principles, they are each equally important for you to reach your goals, sometimes they are even overlapping.

Of course, there is a lot more to successful goal setting. It all begins with getting clear on your goal and understanding your “WHY”.

But you will learn all about that in the ON TRACK online course.

For now, I simply wanted to tell you the back story of how the ON TRACK map came to be and how it is different from most traditional goal setting methods in that it addresses your well-being as foundational to your success.

If this holistic approach to goal setting feels intriguing to you, I would love to guide you on your goal setting journey.