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Find HAPPINESS with the ON TRACK Map!


the ON TRACK map was created over a decade or so, out of Michala Storm’s own need for a goal setting method that would help her find her focus and bring her many projects out of her head and into the world.

She wanted a flexible framework that would allow for ease, joy and flow.

Michala Storm, creator of the ON TRACK map

In her experience the more traditional, linear goal-setting methods didn’t do the job for her, as they often left her feel either exhausted, confused, or overwhelmed.

She strongly felt like a very vital part was missing to it all and that it all had to do with a sense of inner well-being, creativity and flow.

It soon became obvious to Michala that what she was intending to create was a holistic method, which would consider the emotional, mental and physical well-being as foundational to successful goalsetting.

Over the years, as Michala presented the ON TRACK Map to her clients, she realized that this framework can indeed be used in a highly individual way so that it suits each client’s specific needs.

For example, some clients wanted to use the ON TRACK map more artistically and create art out of it, that is, by adding to it hand-painted images and symbols, while others simply wanted to use their written words + perhaps add their favorite quote or mantra to help feel empowered.

Altogether Michala’s found that the simple act of making your goals visible – in whatever form you prefer (you don’t have to be an artist to do so) yet within a highly customizable framework, is what does the trick for most people.

The ON TRACK map framework allows for you to apply a set of simple practices that you can easily apply on a daily basis to help you stay ON TRACK with your visions and goals.

After all it is our daily habits that most defines our success, which is why this piece is a big part of the ON TRACK map curriculum.

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